Thank you with all my heart for being here for me.

St. Jude advocates came to court with me after I lost the custody of my daughter. She helped me through so much with my daughter. I am so grateful. My stay was very comfortable for being a domestic violence shelter. Thank you for letting me stay at St. Jude House. The staff helped me change my life! St. Jude House is wonderful and has people with happy faces that provided a safe place to stay.

I am grateful for places like St. Jude House that has helped me learn the cycle of abuse and become a strong independent woman.

I can’t rate the staff because they all exceed extremely quality in the services they provided to me.

Thank you for welcoming me in St. Jude. I appreciate the attention, time to listen, and the suggestions. I will miss you all. I hope that I don’t have to return but if I do I know I will be welcome.

I would recommend this house to any person in any need. I learned so much about domestic violence and was able to share my thoughts and fears without being judged. The staff were wonderful teachers. I did not have children with me but the staff helped me through so much. The staff went through a lot with me and with their help I made it through. I worked and attended school while living at St. Jude House. The staff was very helpful in helping me become a productive member of society. I will never tolerate any type of abuse. I don’t deserve it and I learned I am somebody and deserve to be happy. This House and staff gave me my life back. I was a mess but now I’m a survivor and can achieve positive goals I set for myself. I have gained so much self-esteem and respect for myself and others. I am amazed at myself! I learned may skills including decision making, living life on life’s terms, anger management, relationship skills, how to enjoy life, self-esteem and many more skills in all areas of my life. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget the staff! I could never express my gratitude in how much they have helped me. I can’t put in all in words to thank you enough.

The case manager was very kind and available if I needed her. All of the staff members were helpful and tried to make everyone feel welcome. My children are adults and were not with me at St. Jude House but the children’s staff was very good with the children here. They were patient, kind and professional. The staff members were “always” friendly and available for us. They were always there with a kind work and showed interest in our problems.

I love St. Jude House! They helped me a lot. My experience was very helpful to me and my son.

The information from the groups was very eye opening.

It was so wonderful to have a safe place with caring and empathetic people.

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