Community Partners Program


Being part of the process for helping victims of domestic violence transform themselves into survivors affects people in a deep and heartfelt way. We cannot do this work without strong community support. 

St. Jude House needs the POWER of YOU.

How is St. Jude House Different?

St. Jude House has been an anchor in the community since 1995, providing shelter, basic needs and dynamic programming to clients at no cost.  We have built effective partnerships with statewide coalitions, local and regional service providers and government agencies to create a strong network of resources. We are proactive in seeking new opportunities for programs to meet the needs of our clients and Indiana communities.

How is Our Community Partners Program Different?

The Community Partners Program is a great opportunity for community organizations and businesses to become engaged in a meaningful way with our work of transforming victims of domestic violence into survivors.  We at St. Jude House want to know and discuss what is most important to you:  addressing and ameliorating the inherent issues of domestic violence; supporting the people involved – domestic violence survivors, their children, our board of directors, our staff – or creating a community relations opportunity for you.


How Does the Community Partners Program Work?

The St. Jude House Community Partners Program offers six levels of engagement.

At any level of partnership, St. Jude House community partners can expect not only the appreciation of St. Jude House board, staff and clients, but also the recognition for their commitment to their community and to helping those fleeing domestic violence to build new lives free of abuse.

At all levels, partners will be recognized in the annual St. Jude House Impact Report.  Your partnership will be acknowledged on our website and social media platforms as well as in our printed marketing materials.   For some partnership levels, additional opportunities apply.

You are also welcome to share your sponsorship on your marketing platforms. St. Jude House is happy to assist with press releases to highlight your commitment to domestic violence prevention, education and awareness.


Levels of Engagement

Community Innovator                                                          $25,000+

Community Investor                                                            $10,000 – $24,999

Community Collaborator                                                     $5,000 – $9,999

Community Catalyst                                                            $2,500 – $4,999

Community Advocate                                                          $1,000 – $2,499

Community Hero                                                                  $500 – $999

To learn more about our Community Partners Program, please contact Ryan Elinkowksi at 219.266.7066 x312.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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