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If your organization, church, school, or club is planning events for your members, the staff at St. Jude House is happy to provide a program that is tailor-made for your membership. Any of the following topics are available as a presentation or a workshop:

  • The Effects of Domestic Violence On Children
  • Workplace Violence
  • Preventing Child Abuse – We All Have a Role To Play
  • The Legal Aspects of Domestic Violence
  • Dating Violence/Date Rape
  • Domestic Violence and the Elderly – a Hidden Problem
  • Educating Children About Appropriate Touch (Good Touch/Bad Touch)
  • Being Supportive to Victims of Abuse
  • The Effects of Sexual Assault on Children and/or Adults

For more information about scheduling a presentation, please call our Community Awareness Office at (219) 662-7066 extension 17.

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