Thank You to Our Donors

We express our gratitude to all of our generous donors and volunteers for assisting the women and children who come to St. Jude House seeking safety, shelter and support services.

When people ask us what difference a donation can make, we reply that gifts to St. Jude House transform lives. Women have told us with tears in their eyes what it means to know that at St. Jude House they and their children are safe and receiving the best services available.

And behind every one of these families, there are compassionate people like you. Your time and financial contributions are very admirable and much appreciated. Thank you.

Your donations help St. Jude House support these women and children at their moment of greatest need. It is at these moments, when a family’s future hangs in the balance, that your contribution becomes truly transformational.

Please be assured we practice good stewardship with all investments made in St. Jude House. We are grateful for your very generous support.

For your safety

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