Let Kids Be Kids – St. Jude House Receives $500 Donation for playground campaign!

Let Kids Be Kids St. Jude House Receives $500 Donation for playground campaign!

Crown Point, February 20, 2018: Buns Care Charity presented St. Jude House with a check for $500 in support of their Let Kids Be Kids campaign.

Earlier this month St. Jude House launched a campaign entitled “Let Kids Be Kids” to help raise funds for the installation of a brand-new children’s playground on St. Jude House property. Donations have been coming in all month, each one deeply appreciated, but one in particular stands out.

This week, St. Jude House received a check for $500 from Buns Care Charity, the largest donation for the Let Kids Be Kids campaign to date! Buns Care is a charitable organization dedicated to helping children in need by providing them with new shoes for school, play, and sports. Buns Care has been a frequent partner of St. Jude House in recent years, collecting and donating children’s shoes for the shelter in December of both 2016 and 2017. They have impacted St. Jude House greatly with their generosity, and continue to do so with the presentation of this check. Through this donation, Buns Care has significantly boosted the Let Kids Be Kids campaign. St. Jude House is very grateful for their support of such an amazing cause, and looks forward to continue working with them in the future.

Visit the Buns Care website at https://www.bunscare.org/ to learn more about how they are impacting the community!
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