Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy serves a number of critical functions for clients. Globally speaking, legal advocacy involves assisting clients in identifying their legal rights and options and then helping them pursue those choices successfully. This involves coordination with local law enforcement and identifying pro-bono attorneys and referrals.

Clients receive support through each aspect of the legal process whether it is a protective order, divorce or custody issue, name or identity change, or immigration issue. Clients can request an advocate to accompany them to their court proceedings for support and reassurance.

Legal advocacy remains on the cutting edge of legislation that pertains to victim issues, assuring the widest range of choices for clients. This applies to the latest laws concerning victim compensation and workplace/employment issues. An innovative aspect of legal advocacy is the court observation program designed to provide the criminal justice system (judges, courts, task force, law enforcement) vital information to enhance the legal experience for victims of crime and gain a picture of how our legal system is responding to their needs.

To help ensure client safety, legal advocacy also provides clients with cell phones (free of charge) that call 911 in case of emergencies, thus increasing client security when leaving the shelter.
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