Join Our Circle of Support

Dear Friend,

All at St. Jude House know that it is through the dedicated support of our community that we have been able to provide a safe haven and quality, comprehensive services to people restricted by the domination of family violence in their lives. It is through this work that we bear witness to the extraordinary process of people helping people. Please consider demonstrating a commitment to giving the assistance and guidance that is needed, by making a monetary gift to St. Jude House.

In addition to helping those in need of crisis intervention and assistance, every donation to St. Jude House is an investment in our community. Promoting healthy families is of benefit to us all. Family violence affects our workplace, our children’s school environment, our comfort in our neighborhood, and the cost and effectiveness of the medical industry, to name a few. The heaviest toll is what it places on the ability of communities to create healthy, functioning and contributing members of society.

You can improve the quality of life in our shared community while experiencing the joy of giving. All gifts are extremely valuable to the ability of St. Jude House to continue to offer services and prevention programs. We ask that you give to provide an immediate and powerful opportunity. Your gift of $100 will give a woman that first day of safety away from her abuser, that first day of being able to think beyond immediate survival, that first day of freedom to be able to consider the future of her life and of her children’s, and that first day so she can begin to discover a path to self-sufficiency and living free from violence.

Will you join our Circle of Support? It truly takes the support of people who care to make a difference in the lives of others. 

For your safety

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