Group Services for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

For the privacy and confidentiality of group participants, pre-screening is required for all who wish to participate in support groups. Please call the St. Jude House Crisis Line (219) 662-7061 or (800) 254-1286 for further information about any of the support groups or to register to attend.

HOPE (Hearts Opening to a Peaceful Empowerment)
A support group for survivors of domestic violence. HOPE will address issues surrounding relationships (healthy and unhealthy), self-esteem, safety, empowerment, early warning signs of an abusive relationship, stress management, and new coping skills.

A support group that focuses on the dynamics of domestic violence and the trauma suffered by victims. Topics include: flashbacks and triggers, generational abuse, grief, self-defeating behaviors, codependency, and anger management.

REACH (Realizing Effects of Abuse Can Heal)
A support group to help victims understand the definition of abuse. REACH is designed to heighten awareness about domestic violence. Topics include: cycle of violence, verbal and emotional abuse, power and control, and the reasons some victims return to an abusive relationship.

A support group specifically designed to relieve stress through heightened awareness of your body’s responses to trauma. Group participants will learn basic breathing techniques and self care ideas to manage their daily stress.

SAFE (Surviving Assault and Feeling Emotions)
A support group for adult survivors of rape and sexual assault. SAFE is designed to help survivors process the emotions they are experiencing due to the trauma and focus on the healing process so they can successfully move forward with their lives.

STEP (Starting Towards Empowering Pathways)
A support group that examines the contributing factors of homelessness. STEP is designed to help individuals learn Maslow’s theory of basic needs and issues that interfere with stability, which include generational homelessness, a lack of resources, how to maintain a residence, and self care. Group participants will learn to identify and build on their personal strengths to help become self-sufficient.

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