Financial Empowerment Program

We’re taking action to end domestic violence!

Most people think only of physical abuse when they think about domestic violence. Yet the number 1 reason victims stay in or return to an abusive relations is they don’t have the financial resources to break free. Finances are a “weapon of choice” in 99% of abusive relationships. Please see “A Survivor Shares Her Story” (below) for a better understanding of financial abuse.

For this reason, St. Jude House has initiated our Financial Empowerment Program. The program is underwritten with grant support from The Allstate Foundation. The partnership of Centier Bank and the video production services of Lakeshore Public Media have been instrumental in bringing this program to fruition. We are also deeply grateful to Diana Bravo, domestic violence survivor who generously shared her story for this program.

These videos cover three topics: budgeting, credit repair and insurance.

Module 1: Budgeting

Module 2: Credit Repair

Module 3: Insurance Protection

There are also links to two documents that are shared in these videos:

The Financial Empowerment Program will be offered onsite at the St. Jude House shelter. The program not only helps victims of domestic violence but also anyone who has financial issues or need to be educated on critical points of finance.  Please feel free to share these videos and worksheets. We will also have them posted on You Tube and on the Centier Bank website.

For more information about our program, please contact St. Jude House, 219-662-7066.

A Survivor Shares Her Story

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