Case Management

Case management works with clients to determine their need for resources such as income, transportation, insurance, housing, and medical treatment. Case management assists clients in identifying available community resources and entitlement programs to meet these needs. Together, the client and case manager make connections to these resources – making needed phone calls, scheduling appointments, obtaining necessary forms and completing documentation. The case manager paves the way toward acceptance into these much-needed programs.

In addition, case management helps identify housing options for clients, and the case manager advocates on their behalf to find affordable arrangements. Case management ensures access to medical care and adequate transportation, often coordinating these services and soliciting the help of trained volunteers to transport clients to important appointments.

Finally, case management provides assistance in identifying employment options and aids the client in preparing for interviews, creating resumes, and/or enrolling in needed education. Case management supports clients in learning very concrete skills like budgeting and cooking, as well as more complex skills like computer literacy and interview presentation.
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